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Art Jakarta Gardens

Hutan Kota by Plataran2023
Design & Build

an Art exhibition conducted & organized by ART Jakarta. The works of art on display are paintings, sculptures, others such as NFT etc. ThisPlay contributions as a sponsor and one of the main partners includes design, production, and installation of a statue base/pedestal that can hold a statue's weight (up to 200kg) and uses a knockdown system that can be reused for future needs.

The finishing material used for the pedestal is supported by Taco, PVC Boards with a 15mm thickness for top table and 5mm for sidewall panels. ThisPlay also created a pavilion for Bibit ID as one of the event's main sponsors, which collaborates with senior artist FX Harsono, who made this pavilion to present his work entitled 'The Light of Journey'. The inspiration for the design arose because the placement was outdoor and used many natural material elements that relate to the 'Garden' concept.

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