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Art Jakarta Gardens 2024 

Hutan Kota by Plataran, 2024
Design & Build

Celebrating our 3rd collaboration with Art Jakarta Gardens, we were entrusted to exhibit our own artwork entitled "Luxury Crime (After Agus Suwage) Roca" in collaboration with Sigit D Pratama and .this/PLAY Studio.

Additionally, we were honored to design and build for the lead partners of Art Jakarta and create pedestals for the following collaborations: Bibit x Erwin Windu Pranata, Treasury x Naufal Abshar, iForte x Tomy Herseta, and Xiaomi x Davy Linggar.


About "Luxury Crime (After Agus Suwage)":

How deeply are you willing to trade comfort for the luxury of solitude?

The concept of spending an entire day indulging in a lavish bath exudes an aura of privilege that many aspire to attain. Yet, to fully immerse oneself in such an experience requires a significant investment of effort, perseverance, and personal sacrifices.

Delving into the complexities of solitude amidst chaos, Sigit and .this/PLAY seek to articulate it through the fluidity of the bath, the evocative scent, the mesmerizing illumination, the perpetual cascade of water, and the human form yearning for elusive harmony in a world of emotional numbness.

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