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JOYLAND Festival 2023 (Jakarta)

GBK Baseball Stadium
Design & Build

Once again, we had the wonderful opportunity to curate the spatial experience on 30.000m2 for JOYLAND Jakarta 2023. Our approach involved aligning the design intricacies with the foundational 2D key visual, allowing us to seamlessly translate it into a captivating physical environment.


In the capable hands of This/Play, the design underwent a skillful transformation into a whimsical fairy concept. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity evident in the key visual, the result was the conversion of GBK Baseball Stadium into an expansive playground. This not only offered a unique setting for people to relish and enjoy but also served as an engaging backdrop for watching their favorite artists perform.


Maintaining our commitment to sustainable practices, we conscientiously selected materials sourced from nature, with bamboo, recycled plastics, and waferboard serving as the primary components for the overall area. This comprehensive approach ensured an immersive and eco-friendly experience for all attendees.

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